On September 3, 2021, for the low price of only $3.17,  I became the owner of OfficialCovid.Info.  So, I now provide Official Covid Info.
Is the information provided accurate? No.  It is Official.
Has the information been reviewed by a medical doctor, microbiologist, or other qualified professional? No.  The information is Official and not based on truth.
Can the information on these pages be trusted?  Our advice may be as accurate as any found on Fox News or The Huffington Post, but at least the information we provide is Official Covid Info.  If you are the type of person who looks for medical advice on social media, on partisan news sites, or from high school dropouts, we are more than qualified to give you advice and information that you can use in social media posts to prove that you are right and the doctors are wrong.  For everyone else, consult real professionals and not just someone providing Official information.